Trail Head River Sports offers a complete winterization of your raft before you put it away for the Winter. Let our professional staff give your raft some TLC at the end of another great season on the rivers.

We will clean your boat:  A good and thorough cleaning.

It is always amazing to see what we can find in the bottom of some boats.  That space between the floor and the tubes is an amazing collector of souvenirs from your travels.  Aside from the natural leaves, sand, gravel and twigs; we find flies, leaders, tippet, food wrappers and so often, a child’s rock collection.  These things can be a source of abrasion and lead to holes in the floor or lower tubes, a place on rafts that is very difficult to repair.

We will put our elbow grease into getting those stains, sap and dirt off your boat.  The ever present oxidation marks from frames does come off with proper attention, but may still show a bit if it has been building for years.

We will check all your valves, Pressure Relief Valve, and chambers for leaks.  If we find any holes, leaks or abrasions that need work, we will forward you estimates and pictures of the issues we find.  If you want us to complete any repairs, the boat will be placed in the que for repairs to be completed over the  winter.

303 Aerospace Protectant is one of the best ways to ensure that long term UV exposure does not shorten the life of your raft.  We will give your boat a complete coating once it has been cleaned.  This UV inhibitor prolongs the life of PVC, urethane and Hypalon.  It keeps all synthetic materials from drying and cracking.

Storage:  Use your garage for your………vehicle!? We have space in our warehouse to store rafts, in a dry heated building.  We offer a rodent free, temperature controlled and secure location to store your inflatable raft for the winter.  You can actually use your garage space for your vehicle…..novel idea, I know.

The winterization of your boat is something that takes time and we do charge for it, call us for current rates.  We try complete this cleanings, treating and inspection within two weeks but we can get backed up at peak times.  Once we are done we have the boat ready for you to pick up either rolled for convenience or inflated, your choice  If the boat is not picked up we will charge our winter storage rate.

Storage of your raft for the winter is only an additional fee, again give us a call for the current rate.  We will store your raft after winterization from October 1st until the end of our Winter season March 30th.  All boats can be brought in after October 1 and picked up before March 30. Whatever dates work with your schedule.  Please note that once we have the raft for storage, if you want to take it out and use it, we cannot put it back in storage.  So make sure you are done with it in the Fall, before you have us winterize and store it for you.