Welcome to Trail Head River Sports

If you’re looking for more information about what we do and why we do it, you’ve come to the right place. We founded the River Sports location of the Trail Head with the aim of providing excellent service to the recreational boater. That means if you’re a Montana native, or a tourist just passing through, who loves our local waters and all the exciting opportunities that they present, we’re on your team.

In our store we carry a wide variety of watercraft. From kayaks, to SUPs, to canoes, or rafts, our stock is primed and ready for the serious recreational boater. Regardless of your experience on the water we’ve got something for you. If you’re looking for first raft you could go for one of our RMR rafts, or an Aire Tributary if you are on a tight budget. If you’re a seasoned boater looking for the best raft the recreational market can offer, we’ve got you with NRS Otters and E series boats, the US manufactured AIRE boats, or the super bomber Maravia’s. We have the biggest selection of the best brands in the entire region. Our SUP, canoe, and kayak options are similarly versatile. We’ve made it our goal to make our local waters as accessible as possible by having the right boats and accessories to get you out now. That being said, we stand by everything we sell. In the words of our founder Todd Frank, everything in our fleet falls into one of three categories: good, better, or best. Above all, we use and trust our gear, so you can too.

We’ve got the expertise to provide the best advice and support to you. Our team is made up of passionate boaters, from seasoned canoeists, to avid overnight rafters. Once we close up the shop for the evening wer’e hustling out of the shop to go get in an evening float or prepping for a long weekend adventure. So don’t be surprised if you catch one of us out on the hundreds of miles of river within an hour or two of Missoula.

Alongside our stock, we provide excellent support from your very first inkling of interest all the way to warranty support and repairs after years of use. Stop by for any questions related to your older raft, or if you need something new. We offer full outfitting on our line of new rafts, which includes customs frames and dry boxes. Whether you’re interested in taking your raft on an overnight trip in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, or  totally dialed in fishing  set up, with an anglers seat, anchors and lean bars, we’ll get you dialed in. If you’re still undecided after taking a look at our inventory, we have a full rental fleet complete with a wide range of watercraft so you can try before you buy, our rentals are the same great setups we sell and are the best sales tool we have.

So, we’re signing off for now, but can’t wait to see you next, whether it’s in our shop or out on the river. Happy floating!