SUP Repair in Missoula, MT

SUP’s come in all shapes sizes and construction styles from carbon fiber and fiberglass to ABS plastic to even some Roto molded boards but the vast majority of SUP’s we see for repair are inflatable SUP’s.  There is a huge variety from inexpensive ones sold at places like Costco and Walmart to more robust constructions sold by us and other paddle sports stores.  While the construction is similar in all inflatable SUP’s the difference in quality is large.  We see lots of blown seams and issues that while repairable, the cost fairly quickly approaches that of inexpensive boards.  The more robust boards have heavier fabrics that are much easier to work with from a repair standpoint, but we see very few of them come in.  Bring yours in for an inspection and we can let you know if it is repairable. Please call ahead to make sure our repair staff will be around.