Missouri River: Fort Benton to Judith Landing

Activity Details

From Missoula: 207 miles

Activity Type(s): Overnight/Multiday Floats

Difficulty: Easy


Below Fort Benton it is possible to float by canoe or powerboat the entire length. Fort Benton to Judith Landing is 91 miles. The river is a series of alternating free floating stretches interrupted by lakes backed up behind major dams. Often it is necessary to portage around the dams. Generally the free flowing areas and lakes are 150 miles or longer. Thus any particular segment makes a very reasonable trip.

Primitive camping along the river is generally necessary, although there are many towns with fancier accommodations. Legal access to campsites is possible in the entire Montana portion. Missouri has an extensive water trail program with designated campsites every few miles. Policies in the other states vary. Check carefully before going.


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